Weekly Nutrition

Foodsmith Meal Plans are created to help you eat healthier, more consistently. We do this by providing an entire week’s worth of food so that you can feel comfortable that you’re getting the proper amount of nutrition over the long term.


Each Foodsmith menu takes into account several nutritional components. Ultimately, we aim to maximize the nutrients per calorie and maintain a proper glycemic load while ensuring completeness of amino acids and vitamin content. This method of eating considers the total picture of food intake in a given week, which ultimately leads to optimal weight levels and a healthier heart. And because our meals are made by our fabulous Executive Chef with the highest quality seasonal ingredients, they taste better than the best restaurants!


A Note About Sizes

Foodsmith Meal Plans are offered in two sizes – Single and Single PLUS. A Single size is approximately 1,500 – 1,700 calories per day and the Single PLUS is approximately 2,000 – 2,300 calories per day. Our snacks offer additional calories for those who require it. Our Fiber snack adds approximately 150-250 calories and the Protein snack adds approximately 200-350 calories.