Good Food. Healthy Family.

For most of us, having a perfect diet from meal-to-meal is unrealistic. But we can maximize the quality of our eating habits by planning our meals over a longer period of time. That way, we are less susceptible to cravings and impulse food purchasing because our meals are planned and immediately available.

  • Build the Meal Plan

    that best fits your schedule
  • We Deliver Your Food

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  • Your Family Eats Healthy…

    and you are a hero!

How it Works

Trimming the Fat
Why is it so expensive to eat healthy? Well, restaurants have lots of costs like rent, utilities, management salaries, and many others, that they pass on into the price of your meal. Plus, how can we be sure that what we ordered was made with healthy ingredients? On the other hand, shopping for your own ingredients can be overwhelming and time-consuming…groceries often go to waste and the meals don’t always make the grade with the whole family!


A Single Solution for Healthy Eating
Foodsmith has eliminated many of the costs associated with a traditional restaurant, which allows us to provide more value and convenience to you. Our Meal Plans offer the highest quality ingredients combined with dietitian-approved recipes to bring you and your family healthy tasty food!


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